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    L-Glutamine Benefits

    LGlutamine powder is a building block of proteins an essential amino acid found naturally in the body.L Glutamine supplement is the richest amino acid in the human body which is produced by the muscles and delivered by the blood to organs that uses huge amounts. Glutamine which is produced naturally by the body but can decrease after intense exercise which is called "The Muscle Wasting Zone" which the body will use your muscles for energy rather than carbohydrates."The Glutamine Recovery Zone" take up to 5 days for the body to replenish glutamine levels this supplement is very popular with bodybuilding, pro athletes and elite sportsman and women.

    Rich L Glutamine Foods

    Diet can help glutamine deficiencies with l-glutamine foods such as bone broth, grass fed beef, spirulina, cottage cheese, Chinese cabbage, asparagus, turkey, venison, broccoli and wild caught fish such as salmon, tuna and cod .

    • L-Glutamine powder 500mg, shell (bovine gelatin), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate)

    Dose: 2 to 6 capsules before exercise

    L-Glutamine Scientific Research

    Glutamine is one of the most abundantly found proteinaceous elements in the body, for example around the bone cells and the tissues that surround the joints. One of the first mentions available about this protein was found in journals of Ehrensvard et al, in his studies, he supported the survival and proliferation of cells. The in vitro studies that were performed later, supported the conclusion that glutamine could actually serve as a fuel for the multiplication of myelocytes or muscle cells. Our skeletal musculature undergoes rapid reform everyday especially with intense excercise. L-Glutamine capsules can be of aid only when the system has an abundant supply of the desirable enzymes on the receiving end. Glutaminase is the reforming enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of glutamine to a more substantial and usable form of amino acid - Glutamate.

    L-glutamine isn’t just favorable for the preservation of skeletal mass but also for the maintenance of the plasma concentration between the cells. The enzymes responsible for the conversion of glutamine are controlled by the release of a certain group of hormones in the body that have been elusively named as the Glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are the hormones that cannot be confused with any other form of fat-cutting hormones that aid in the release of enzymes for dealing with a situation of weight loss. With advancing age, the hormones have been found to be changed and somewhat disruptive of the patterns that are responsible for the bouncy activity of the muscles. It is essential to consider the intake of sodium when you are on a glutamine supplement. A major release of glutamine to and from the cells is regulated by the sodium channels embedded in the plasma membranes of every myelocyte. Liver by far is the most important organ involved in nitrogen metabolism. This would imply that for a glutamine supplement to work in a pluperfect condition, you would need to be free of any liver ails. L- Glutamine capsules are available in a bottle of 60 that would ideally be suitable for a month’s use.

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