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    Maca Root Natural Aphrodisiac From The Amazon

    Maca (lepidium meyenii) from the Amazon jungle in South America was used by the Inca's to increase sexual desire.Naturesupplies Maca root extract 500mg Tablets is the finest concentrated of maca sourced from indigenous people in the region which was used by the ancient Inca's hundreds of years ago.


    Maca Dried Root Extract (Lepidium meyenii walp) 50mg 10:1 maca root extract(500mg whole root).


    Take 1 tablet per day

    Maca Root Extra Origin

    Maca tablets are made from the roots of a Peruvian plant named Lepidium meyenii. Maca was cultivated in the lands of Peru for the first time during the times of Inca civilization. Since then, it has been an inseparable part of the Andes and has spread in its purchase to the western countries of the world. Peru’s climate is considered as the most suited one for the growth of Maca. In contrast to the usual practice, the roots were first fed to the horses that were a part of the Spanish army. After a week, certain but unexpected rise in the fertile nature of the horses was witnessed by the horsemen and the shed keepers. The unkempt scholars of the time were gathered upon the thought that maybe maca could induce the same kind of sexual effect into the humans. Maca was recognized as a stable adaptogen later. Adaptogens are the innate compounds that persevere any form of attacks that encroach the integrity of the immune system of the body by raising the bar of the antibodies against the most common infections. Maca is now popular among the leading athletes of the world.

    Maca roots have a boiling access to amino acids. Their role in the human functions is of providing a healthy secondary metabolite that is stable enough to carry out the crucial biological processes of the human body even when it is in a compromised state. Maca root dynamics in the case of a male prostate gland can be noticed in the form of reduction of the enzyme activity of 5- α reductase, which thereby reduces the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the elderly males.

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