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    Magnesium Chloride Flakes

    Top quality magnesium flakes sourced from the dead sea in Israel the most potent magnesium in the world.Magnesium is very popular for professional athletes,footballers and rugby players as they apply them to bath water and soak to ease muscle aches and pains after hard physical exertion after exercise.

    • Magnesium Flakes 120g Of Elemental Magnesium Chloride

    Dose: 250g roughly 2 cups to a bath,relax 20 mins add one more cup 125g if required,Recommended 2 - 3 baths per week.

    Magnesium From The Dead Sea In Israel

    Magnesium flakes are prepared with the use of magnesium that is specifically outsourced from the sea beds of Israel. It’s a very specific mineral that confirms its presence in the vertebrates around the crescent-shaped bones. Magnesium flakes are made of elemental magnesium chloride. The chloride form of magnesium is more viable in cases that require the clearance of toxic chemicals from the body. More than the bacteria, it is the heavy metal ions that are making our environment unfriendly for us. Heavy metals deposits predisposed through the air and soil can affect the nutritional status of the body when the exposure has been of a latent variable. Processed foods (though cleaner!) have been found to be scarce in the adequate levels of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency has been clubbed with the subclinical form of deficiencies that are silent in nature and take time to reveal themselves. A subclinical version of deficiencies tends to go unnoticed and are therefore become the prime cause of the development of chronic diseases. It is advisable to get a magnesium test done if you ever find the symptoms of weakness, or cardiac malfunction clawing in.

    Magnesium flakes are very popular in bathing to help aches and pains. Since they are a more original form of magnesium chloride, they can be trusted better than Epsom salt for the desired effects. They have a transdermal mode of action. When used for full body baths, you would be required to add 250g of the magnesium chloride flakes to 5 litres water for the desired results. Just lay back in the water for 20 minutes and let the goodness of magnesium sink in! For a foot bath or pedicure, you are advised to add 150g of magnesium chloride flakes to 5 litres of water. Magnesium flakes are completely safe for use in pregnant and lactating women.

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