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    Bee Propolis Benefits

    Propolis "Bee-Glue" is a botanical mixture collected by bees from plants to defend the hive from infection as it is a rich source of bioflavonoids, amino acids, vitamins.minerals and antioxidants. Propolis organic mixture is collected plants & resin cones sticking the mixture together with sap, the propolis is unloaded to patch up holes in the hive which covers invaders with the sticky substance to prevent contamination in the hive.

    • Propolis extract 1000mg, bulking agents (cellulose, starch), anticaking agent (magnesium stearate), glazing agents (shellac, carnauba wax)

    Dose: 1 tablet per day

    Propolis Facts

    Propolis antioxidant is a resin-like secretion that is formed by a bunch of stingless bees. Bees use this secretion on the entrance of the hive to block the uncalled intruders from making it into the hives. While the components of the mix might vary incredibly due to the non-exotic availability of the similar kind of plants on which the hives are established, the baseline composition of propolis is the same - beeswax, pollen and resin. The beeswax is the only portion of the mix that the bees work on, the rest of the mix is part of the exudate that comes during the workings. There are over 150 nutrients that can be expected from a simple tablet of bee propolis. The top ones that make your gustatory impulses overflow are flavonoid glycones, polyphenols and ketonic bodies.

    The word ‘Propolis’ is of Greek origin and it means ‘Defender of the city’. It was Aristotle who coined this name for the product when he observed the prime purpose it was being used for. Originally, the propolis extract is of a brown colour that is diluted to form a yellowish colour ingredient during the processings so that can be made edible enough to be used in the supplements. Propolis is a non-allergenic product. Bees from any historical continent make sure that the extract is stored in the most aseptic conditions of the hive. The propolis extract that is obtained the Brazilian jungles is considered as the most pure. One of the desirable attributes of a substitute that could control the level of sugar content in the urine would be the one that could subtrail a prominent component of the human body - Glycogen. Glycogen levels in the body are maintained by the enzymes like α-glucosidase. Once the action of the enzyme is inhibited, the work of insulin is put to rest in the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes cases. Bee propolis tablets can be used as an adjunct to any current therapy that you might be undergoing. The ingredients are delicate enough to never cause an imbalance.

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