Royal Jelly

    60 x 150mg Capsules
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    Royal Jelly Benefits

    Royal jelly liquid has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, worker bees yield nectar from their glands to feed the queen bee with beneficial nutrients to keep her in optimum health, is a 6-month cycle they can produce 500g of this nutritional jelly. Royal jelly is composed of fatty acids, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, and vitamin c, these rich vitamins & minerals support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    • Royal Jelly Capsules (150mg)
    • Bulking Agent: Wheatgerm Oil (wheat), Fresh Royal Jelly, Capsule Shell: (Gelatine, Glycerin), Natural Pure Honey, Emulsifier: Beeswax, Emulsifier: Lecithin (soya).

    Dose: 1 capsule per day

    Natural Ingredients From Bees

    Royal jelly is a perfectly good secretion that is formed in the cephalic glands of the worker bees in the hive. The contents of jelly exert their action in the body through the paths of metabolic cycles, immunity, skin and secretory glands. The meritorious nutrients that can be found in every royal jelly capsule are reducing sugars, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. The bulking agents used in the capsules are extra special and making the experience of using this supplement even better in the following manner:

    Wheatgerm oil: It is organically extracted from the kernels of wheat pillars that dazzle the look of the field with their vitamin E content. Wheatgerm oil owns high amounts of octacosanol. Octacosanol makes the ingredient safe for use both orally and topically.

    Honey: It is an esteemed, yellowish-color compound that is mostly about sugar and water. Some of the other components that raise its nutritive asset are inhibin protein, phenols and a plowing group of B vitamins. The sugars in honey work way better than artificial sweeteners when it comes to quenching a sweet tooth.

    Royal Jelly capsules are a more affordable supplement when compared differentially in a cost-wise manner with the purchase of its individual components.

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