Royal Jelly

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  • Royal Jelly is the only food consumed by Queen Bees and is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids
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  • 60 x 150mg capsules per tub
  • Dose: 1 capsule per day
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What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly has been used in ancient China for over 2000 years mainly royal jelly liquid but now is becoming more popular as a supplement. Royal jelly is simply a nectar that worker bees produce as food to nourish the queen bee.The royal jelly is secreted from the glands of the worker bees which in a 6 month cycle they can produce 500g of royal jelly.

Royal Jelly Benefits

Royal jelly is composed of amino acids,fatty acids, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamin b5, vitamin b6 and vitamin c, these rich vitamins & minerals support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Royal Jelly Dosage

Take 1 capsule per day

  • Royal Jelly Capsules (150mg)
  • Bulking Agent: Wheatgerm Oil (wheat), Fresh Royal Jelly, Capsule Shell: (Gelatine, Glycerin), Natural Pure Honey, Emulsifier: Beeswax, Emulsifier: Lecithin (soya).

Dose: 1 capsule per day