Seaweed Oil

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    Seaweed Oil

    Fucoxanthin brown seaweed essential oil, gmo free from a quality source so our know they are buying a quality oil for their needs, Fucoxanthin oil is that has been used for hundreds of years, Folklore and historians say this amazing oil was used by Kings and Queens of England as part of aromatherapy massages and mixtures.

    • Seaweed Oil

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Seaweed Is Popular Sea Vegetable In Cooking

    Seaweed is a broad term used for defining the marine form of algae. Some of the common algae that can be found in nature are red, brown and green algae. They are farmed in the larger regions of Indonesia and Philippines. Seaweeds can be used in a wide variety of ways due to their assets. One of the commonest manners of the oil’s use can be found in the form of a supplement. The oil supplies the same level of nourishment as the leaves of kelp would in their original state.

    One of the most popular ones would be ‘Tsukudani’. It's a dish that is prepared by cooking a blend of seaweed and soy sauce. In most instances, seaweeds have been local in their use to the coastal regions, since that is where they are grown but now that they have made a mark on the diet charts of most countries, it's easy to find them in every other grocery store. While the leafy texture of kelp might come around as bitter for many consumers, which many seaweed cooking recipes flavour the sea vegetable with garlic and chili.

    Actualizing the same properties isn’t a tough job for any essential oil that has been extracted in an authentic manner. There is a very essential sterol found in seaweed named fucosterol that has an overbearing effect on the cholesterol levels of the blood and on the cutting mechanism of blood in the vessels that might lead to the undue of thrombosis.

    Seaweed oil is rich in iodine. The best part of using seaweed oil as a supplement is that you can be sure of using it in a form that is free of chemicals like hydrogen-sulfide. Using seaweed oil topically in aromatherapy is popular especially mixed with frankincense in a muscle rub. It is a nourishing aid that needs to be protected for special reasons and should, therefore, be stored in a place that is dry and cool.

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