Shungite Stonehenge Bracelet

    Shungite Stonehenge Bracelet

    Discover this amazing bespoke handmade shungite bracelet inspired by the mystical stones at Stonehenge in England. Naturesupplies only supply the best authentic shungite from Russia which blocks out emf radiation from wifi and smartphones.

    Bead size 2*1*0,5 cm/ 0,79*0,39*0,20 inch; beads pcs 20

    Shungite Stonehenge Jewellery Repel Negative Energy Bracelet

    Shungite is a medieval rock that doesn't settle for anything when it comes to giving its benefits just like the design of the one-of-a-kind WHO marvel - ‘The Stonehenge’. Shungite stonehenge bracelet is a reminiscence of the times when our lives didn’t have EMF. The recent studies done with the use of the stone were suitably performed by forbearing in mind the assessment of adsorption quality of its pores. For instance, do the gases like nitrogen, arsenic, and carbon dioxide have any effect on the size and volume of the pores. During the study, the sample of shungite was provided by the Wynterwade company. To ensure a regular cover of the aforementioned gases in the circumambient air, isotherms were used under controlled temperature and pressure levels. The data collected during the study was obtained with the use of conventional adsorption volumetric methods. Shungite’s surface was derived to as a mesoporous one which can be held as an affirmation for its filtration competency. Shungite as a bracelet expanses its usefulness from the wrist to the forearm. Technological advancement is customarily used as an excuse by most money-laundering companies to induce EMF into our lives. The median nerve is the nerve that connects the sensations of the wrist with the brachial plexus in the forearm. The formation of structures is sensitive during the neonatal period of a human’s life. It is advisable to keep the use of electronic appliances to a bare minimum during the pregnancy’s trimesters. Electromagnetic fields are known for inducing changes in the bodily liquids. Embryos during their entire stages of development stay in an amniotic sac that contains the protective amniotic fluid. According to a study performed by Belyaev et al in 2010, the frequency emitted by microwave was able to adversely affect the state of the in vitro stem cells. The same level of response was received when Belliemi et al tried studying the effect of EMF on a 6-month-old fetus. The subject used a laptop on a regular basis and placed it close to her belly and thighs. Laptops emit low frequency (ELF-EMF) magnetic fields have a way with the penetration issues that surround the tissues of a pregnant woman's belly and therefore make it to the fetus in no time.

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