Vitamin C Powder

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    Vitamin C Powder

    Easy to take Vitamin C powder (Ascorbic Acid) bought from quality suppliers so our customers know they are buying the highest quality vitamin C on the market.Vitamin C supplements the immune system offering protection especially after exercise workouts or training.Naturesupplies high quality Vitamin C contributes to many essential body functions such as the normal function of cartilage and the normal collagen formation which is important to joints functioning at their optimum levels.


    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


    2 scoops per day

    Vitamin C Origin

    Vitamin C powder when consumed in the form of a supplement, ascorbic acid is able to deliver the assured benefits by triggering the release of a set of enzymes of named 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase enzymes which can boost the immune system to help fight the common cold. These enzymes work in an upfront manner to handle a situation that has been under a very less supply of oxygen. Among the natural sources of Vitamin C, there are 3 that have been noted to give a high rise to the levels of the nutrient within an hour of their intake.

    Corn: Cornstarch or Corn syrup has been rated the top-most supplier of Vitamin C. While many concentrates on its carb content, it is the Vitamin C content of the corn that helps you get over the usual eeriness that makes it a dieter’s dilemma. Nevertheless, being allergic to corn and gluten is a common finding these days. Recently, China approved the import of 2 new forms of GM corn. It is ironic because the country’s agricultural policies do not allow the cultivation of GM crops.

    Winter squash: Also known as pumpkin, winter squash is an annual grown veggie. It is a seasonal fruit that is consumed in the winters for keeping up with the supply of beta carotene and Vit C.

    Sweet potatoes: There is 2.4 mg C Vitamin in every 100 g of sweet potatoes. Native to and popular in use in China, sweet potatoes taste better when baked for meals. Unlike the usual myth, this Vitamin C source is completely safe for consumption for the diabetics.

    Albert Szent-Györgyi was a Hungarian chemist and the first to isolate Vitamin C and reason its actions in the Citric acid pathway. He was able to do so even after facing a Tribulus spectacle of time during World War I. Vitamin C, in a powdered form has easier access to health than most of its other forms. However, its use in the form of a tablet is more sustainable in patients who have gastritis.

    Vitamin C is also used as a detox tool to help rid the body of parasites and infections.

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