Zoiben: Parasite / Biofilm Detox

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    Zoiben: Parasite / Biofilm Detox

    Zoiben is a powerful blend of bitter herb extract Berberine and essential oils which have been used by ancient people to fight partasites in our bodies for hunfreds of years.Zoiben can play a major part in epigenetically supporting our detox and immune responses to fight biofilm infections such as yeast.parasites,food cravings and mood disorders.

    Reduction In Sweet Cravings

    Once the body starts to not crave sweet and savory foods the body is starting it's detox process and Zioben is working

    Watch The Video Below - Spencer Feldman Explaining Biofilm Infections


    A proprietary blend of clove,thyme oils,organic ginger,oregano with steam distilled pine resin extract,berberine Hcl,gentian and Vitamin E in organic pumpkin oil.

    60ml Bottle


    Preliminary phase:

    The first time you take Zoiben, mix one teaspoon with a tablespoon of sesame oil and swish it between your teeth for one minute, then spit it out. This serves two purposes. First, it helps the body deal with pathogens in the gums which are typically the most infected part of most people’s bodies. Secondly, it let’s you know if you are allergic to clove or any of the other essential oils in Zoiben. If no allergic reactions happen then you can move on to the next phase.

    Acute phase:

    Take one teaspoon of Zoiben a day for three days. Make sure to stay hydrated (drink water) for these three days. TEASPOON, not tablespoon.

    Maintenance phase:

    Put one to three drops of Zoiben on your tongue before meals.


    Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplement or detox program do not take if your on ssri medications,macrolide antibiotics or pregnant/nursing

    Detox Your Body With Bitters

    Zoiben is a herbal formulation that comprises of the valid extracts of organic ginger, thyme, clove and oregano in a perfectly steamed base of pine resin extract and berberine Hcl. The constituents of the formulation work tediously towards providing the strongest shield against despicable variables of the environment.

    The desirous properties of the components that become active in the human body due to the supportive oil base provided by the organic pumpkin oil can be used in the following manner:

    For the new users, zoiben is recommended to be taken in an exonerative form. Blend a spoonful of zoiben with the same measure of sesame oil. Keep it in the mouth for a minute and spit. This would help you get used to its first taste. Additionally, it would acquaint you of your body’s reaction to its contents. Repeat the same protocol for 3 days in a row.

    Users with digestive ail may appreciate the use of Zoiben as a taste collector. We have papillae all over our tongue and the ones that catch a grasp of the bitterness from any food are located on the lateral backside of the tongue. By triggering them before coming to the meal table, a detoxification protocol for liver can be initiated.

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