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    L-Arginine Benefits

    One of the most popular workout supplements for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness fanatics who are looking for high end sports nutrition to complement their training regime. Arginine improves blood flow by increasing nutrients and oxygen to helps muscles and joint tissue, that’s why l arginine bodybuilding regimes are very popular as the person can enjoy the many benefits of exercise with less pain so you can push yourself that extra mile. L arginine is not exactly in the amino acids family meaning our bodies cannot make it, we need to get it from other sources. Larginine is somewhat essential to the human body as it can increase blood flow and circulation this amazing substance is converted into nitric oxide (NO) which helps to open up blood vessels.

    Best Natural Sources Of L Arginine In Foods

    To naturally boost your arginine levels concentrate on natural foods and clean sources of protein such as sea vegetables, cage free eggs, organic dairy, grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken / turkey, wild caught fish, coconut products, nuts and seeds most popular sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts and spirulina.

    • L-Arginine HCl 500mg, Shell Bovine Gelatin, Natural Colouring Titanium Dioxide, Anticaking Agent Magnesium Stearate

    Dose 1 to 2 capsules per day

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