Flat Belly Water

Flat Belly Water Detox Recipe Weight Loss Drink

Naturesupplies have found the most amazing detox drink which is very simple to make which really does help to loose belly fat if followed with a healthy eating plan.

Flat belly water is a simple blend of cucumber,lemon,ginger and mint fused into the water to create your own detox water at little cost.

Ingredients To Make Flat Belly Detox Water

  • 1-2 litres of water
  • 1 cucumber sliced
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • 15 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tsp ginger freshly grated

How To Prepare Naturesupplies Detox Water To Lose Belly Fat

The flat belly water speeds up the whole fat burning process. Prepare the drink by slicing the lemons, cucumber, ginger and drop them all into a glass jug with the mint leaves and leave overnight to let the ingredients fuse into the water. The following morning the beverage is ready to drink.

Once the water is consumed, repeat the process. Many people use the same ingredients and just top it up for the next 2-3 days or you could use fresh ingredients.. Very popular with Vitamin C powder to accelerate weight loss!

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